Clearly, I really want some fish in my life.

We’re going to the coast this week! Yay Nice!


never thought to add the egg.

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I feel like the stupidest thing in the world. put all my travel plans on hold to work on my JP, turns out the deadline is a week later than i thought it was.

Excuse me while i crawl up around my desk and pray for bad weather, and celebrate that i have a week uninterrupted to write cause it’s beast tiiimeee.

sneaker pimps make such depressing music. but man, it does wonders for my concentration.

have thought my fro was very uneven for the last two years. now i realise that i have two different textures on my head. go figure


I interviewed Nigerian author Okey Ndibe yesterday. His latest book titled Foreign Gods, Inc. is about an Igbo man in dire straits, who steals a stature of a deity from his village to sell to a NYC gallery. It was a wonderful read. Anyway, later on in the day, I was talking to a friend of mine…

This says a lot of things I’ve been thinking about. I think in part colonialism is to blame, part of subjugating a people was making them think there was something fundamentally wrong with their way of life so they could be “fixed” by someone else’s. At this stage in my life I don’t know what to think, because I wouldn’t freely walk into a shrine, but I feel as though this impairs my understanding of who I am. Yet at the same time, old religions are a thing I want to better understand.